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    Simple S/I Submitting your B/L Instruction, it’s Simple!

    Simple Shipping Instruction (Simple S/I)

    To provide an accessible e-service to our customers with minimal e-network, KAMBARA KISEN Co.,Ltd. newly introduces the “Simple S/I” in which you can easily submit the 'Shipping Instruction' by a single e-mail. By using our standard B/L instruction provided in Excel format, the submitted data will directly be delivered to KAMBARA KISEN Co.,Ltd.’s system securely and accurately, improving document accuracy as well as reducing your document completion time.

    Benefits delivered by KAMBARA KISEN Simple S/I Service

    • Improves documentation accuracy
    • Allows faster retrieval of your draft B/L
    • Reduces communication costs (fax and phone)
    • Replaces hard-copies and physical storage to electronic information

    Available Simple S/I formats at KAMBARA KISEN Co.,Ltd.

    • Excel

    How to use Simple S/I

    • Save our B/L Instruction Excel format by selecting “Excel Download”
    • Input the S/I details and send it to kk.si@tsuneishi.com (Note: Mail Subject/Title must always be your Booking Number eg. HKG123456789)
    • For details on the use and data input to our Simple S/I, please refer to: http://eservice.kambara-kisen.cn/clt/CUP_HOM_3055.do Or, contact our booking staff of your nearest KAMBARA KISEN Co.,Ltd. office for further assistance.

    * Please note, the standardized file is only for use at KAMBARA KISEN Co.,Ltd.. Any duplication or illegal copy of the file is strictly forbidden.

    All Rights Reserved